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Protagonist, lying hidden behind the plastic aesthetic and the mass of consumers in Boca Raton, Florida, play their own brand of melodic punk anthems. Led by desperate vocals, racing guitars and an unrelenting drum assault, they stick out like a festering sore in a city known more for its riches and beaches than music. Protagonist takes punk rock and plays it at face value. For them it is an outlet to shout, sing and cry-out against everything that is wrong in the world. Before the onslaught of social networking sites that have facilitated the laziest and most undeserving bands to get a tour booked with the click of a mouse, Protagonist were jumpstarting their hometown scene with their hardworking DIY ethic. Always active, they released demos and booked and promoted their own shows at VFW halls and skateparks all over Florida. They’re steadfast attachment to the DIY ethos helped Protagonist build a fan base in Florida and abroad, touring with such acts Less Than Jake, Go Rydell, Daylight, Candy Hearts, along with a slew of others.

In 2003 Protagonist released their debut full length Hope and Rage on Blackout! Records, following it up with the EP, Reasoning With Time in 2007. Their straightforward politically and socially charged style of punk rock caught the attention of Vinnie Fiorello, owner  of Paper + Plastick Records and drummer for Less Than Jake, who would later release their sophomore effort, The Chronicle,  along with their latest EP, States in 2009 and 2011. Protagonist has hit it’s stride and continues to churn out solid punk rock records.

We are approaching the 5th anniversary of The Chronicle, a release that many feel is the album that defines Protagonist’s career as a band and a staple of classic punk rock for the new age. To commemorate this milestone, Reveille Records and Paper + Plastick Records have teamed up to get this release pressed on vinyl for the very first time.

Track list:

1. Play Hard, Play Fast, Play Together
2. Stargazers
3. Light The Fuse
4. 1095 Days
5. Vampires Only Come Out At Midnight
6. Tell Your Friends To Run
7. Iamtheghost
8. We Move Ahead
9. Attack!
10. From Florida To Philadelphia
11. The Winter Fire
12. Charge (The Chronicle)

Pressing information:

  • 100 Fluorescent Pink with Purple Marble
  • 100 Coke Bottle Clear and White Split
  • 300 Classic Black


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Color Selection

Combo Pack – All 3 Colors, Classic Black, Coke Bottle Clear and White Split, Fluorescent Pink with Purple Marble


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